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Impressionism is a delightful art form. Its beauty comes from its simplicity. Impressionistic artists create “impressions” of life. Without the pressure to create an intricately detailed rendition of his or her subjects, the artist has the freedom to just create! Though greatly criticized initially, impressionistic artists in the early years of this form banded together and created a place to showcase their avant-garde creations. It’s a wonderful art form to study and imitate. Typical subjects r

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Wall maps bring geography up close and personal. If you have the space, keep them up all year round. You’ll be amazed to see how much knowledge your children will soak up through simple exposure day in and day out. Laminated United States and world maps can be found at most office supply stores or online. Maps of biblical lands are a great way to become more familiar with Jesus’s life and travels or provide a nice visual to follow along with Paul on his missionary journeys. To take things a ste

Coping with Stress: Simple Strategies for Homeschool Moms

Homeschool moms are busy women who take multitasking to a new level, so learning strategies for coping with stress is important. Even those with a more laid-back personality or approach to homeschooling can still feel stressed. As someone who’s struggled with anxiety for years, I know the effects of stress intimately. Stress can be defeated. Don’t give up! Gather the tools and the knowledge to both prevent and remedy the symptoms of stress with these simple strategies.

Poetry, Percentages, and Pups

Do you want to boost your children’s learning? Homeschooling with your dog can work wonders. The beauty of homeschooling is the freedom to learn anywhere, any time, and alongside your favorite pup. Kids and dogs share a strong bond. Our dog, Pip, was happiest snuggled up against one of my two children as they read, conducted an experiment, solved long division problems, or brainstormed ideas for a history project. We lost Pip last year, but I can’t imagine how they would have felt all those ye

5 practical ways to motivate your teens to write

Motivating your teens can be a challenge. Motivating them to put their thoughts down in writing is, well, priceless. Do you have a strong writer who simply doesn’t like to write? Here are ways to make the writing task more appealing and motivate your teens to write. Many teenagers get part-time jobs with a single end in mind—earning money that they can spend however they choose. They are even willing to do distasteful or boring jobs to have an opportunity to fill their wallets with spending cas